5 Mouth-Watering Ways You Can Use COYO

19 May 23

We’ve all been there. Delving into your fridge to discover a tub of yoghurt about to go bad, desperately wracking your brain to think of ways to quickly use it. And we get it, there are only so many muesli bowls or smoothies you can have for breakfast.

Never fear, because we’ve got plenty of ideas up our sleeves! Here are 5 unique ways you can cook with COYO in the kitchen:

1. Whip It

Thick and creamy isn’t the only way to enjoy COYO coconut yoghurt. Have you ever tried taking a beater to a bowl of yoghurt?  

Whipped coconut yoghurt tastes just like you would expect, the same usual creamy goodness of regular yoghurt with an added fluffiness and slightly less tang. It’s often used in luxe vegan desserts, atop Sunday pancakes or as the star of a dairy free creamy cocktail.  

It’s important to check the label on your coconut yoghurt or coconut ice cream tub before whipping, as brands made with fillers like water won’t hold well. COYO products are very whippable due to their high percentage of premium organic coconut milk and cream. 

Get inspired with our whipped recipe ideas: 

High Vibe Ice Cream Cannoli  

Whipped Coconut Yoghurt Fruit Cocktail 

2. Dollop Or Drizzle 

Dollop as a dairy free sour cream replacement or create a thick dressing to elevate any mundane dish. The quickest and easiest way to incorporate microbiome loving dairy free goodness into a meal. 

Take your leftover dairy free COYO yoghurt and use as the perfect base for a herby dressing, a creamy citrus drizzle or a spicy dollop. The real showstopper of any dish is a thick and velvety finish, bringing all the elements of a dish together.  

Check out these clever dollops, or pour till your heart’s content: 

Stuffed Sweet Potatoes With Herbed Tahini Yoghurt 

Brain Boosting Super Slaw  

Citrus Pancakes  

Creamy Spiced Apple Pie Porridge  

Beet Citrus Salad  

Creamy Honey Mustard Dressing 

Tangy Dairy Free Tzatziki 

3. Dip It 

It’s time to step away from the hummus and experiment with something new! There’s nothing quite like creating your very own dairy free dip, without any nasties. Use as many spices, veggies, and herbs as you’d like, and let your imagination run wild with recipe possibilities. 

You may just become known for your delicious signature dips, and celebrated for the kind feeling tummies get after eating. 

Ideal dip recipes to kickstart your imagination: 

Creamy Coconut Yoghurt Labneh  

Simple Tomato Salad with Creamy Coconut Yoghurt Labneh 

4. Bake With It 

Whether you’re baking dairy free cakes, slices or raw treats, you’d be surprised at just how much a trusty tub of COYO coconut yoghurt or coconut ice cream may come in hand. COYO is a reliable base for that last minute dairy and gluten free birthday cake, and can even be used to make icing.  

Baking with yoghurt offer a delicious flavour while delivering pre + probiotics straight to your tum for immune-boosting and digestive-supporting benefits.   

You’d never know there’s yoghurt in these sweet treats: 

Probiotic Chocolate Tummy Gummies  

Chocolate Semifreddo with Hazelnuts  

Frozen Yoghurt Collagen Cake  

5. Cook With It

COYO can be used in almost any savoury plantbased meal as a creamy, probiotic ingredient. We love finding ways to hide delicious pre + probiotic benefits into our meals, taking the stress away from supplementing your family. 

Not only can you use coconut yoghurt generously in vegan curries, you can create some next-level creamy alfredo, smooth mashed potatoes or your very own pizza dough. COYO Greek Style Coconut Yoghurt is our staple ingredient for savoury meals, offering a slightly thicker consistency with a tangy taste. You’ll reap all the benefits of this dairy free sour cream replacement in flavour and texture. 

Elevate your next mealtime with these dairy free recipes: 

Vegan Medicinal Mushroom Pasta