Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Easter Eggs


Chocolate and ice cream will forever be an iconic duo. Especially when you combine the crunch of vegan chocolate with COYO’s creamy, dairy free ice cream. To really top things off, we’ve used our probiotic Cookies & Cream flavour on the inside for an extra special textural experience. Soft, chunky, gluten free cookies are hiding just below the surface, so everyone can get a surprise on Easter morning!

Keep Well Recipes from the Sunny Coast, Australia.


1 tub of COYO Cookies & Cream Ice Cream
50g Loving Earth Creamy Coconut Mylk Chocolate
30g Loving Earth Organic Plant Based White Wholefood Chocolate 


  1. Scoop COYO Ice Cream into an easter egg mould tray. Place in freezer until COYO has fully hardened in the mould. 
  2. Pop the half eggs out of the mould and let rest at room temperature for a few minutes to slightly melt. Match two halves to create a full egg shape. Place back in the freezer. 
  3.  Once the COYO egg halves have hardened together, remove from freezer. Melt 50g of Mylk Chocolate, pour into a shallow bowl and allow to cool slightly.  
  4. Pull your ice cream eggs out of the freezer and carefully dip into the melted chocolate using your preferred method (we recommend using toothpicks). Place back into the freezer to harden for approximately 30 minutes. 
  5. Once the chocolate covered eggs are fully set, melt 30g of White Chocolate and allow to slightly cool. Drizzle white chocolate over each egg. Return to freezer until completely set, and enjoy!