Five Reasons Why COYO Is So Good For You

3 May 23

With so many delicious dairy free offerings now on the market, it can be overwhelming to decide on the best product for you when you’re face-to-face with the busy supermarket shelf. We’ve decided to help you out, by sharing some top reasons why COYO is so good for you. Read below for five reasons why you should pick up a tub of delicious coconut goodness during your next grocery shop.

1. More Coconut Than Most Competitor Brands

Did you know that ingredients on food products you find in stores must be listed on packs in order of percentage? 

Unlike many other traditional dairy and plant based yoghurt brands that use fillers like water to cut costs (diluting the yoghurt), COYO prides itself on being coconut cream and coconut milk first, making for a higher quality and creamier product. 

With coconut the primary ingredient in our dairy free yoghurts and ice creams, you will enjoy a creamy, smooth and delicious product. Our coconut yoghurts are able to be whipped, dolloped, spread, blended and strained to become whatever you desire. The difference high-quality ingredients can make to a meal is incredible. 

2. Better For Your Gut

With more coconut comes more health benefits. Being dairy free, coconut yoghurt and coconut ice creams have been proven to assist in reducing congestion, skin complications, and managing digestive pain. We value simple ingredients you can pronounce, so your body knows how to easily digest them. 

Besides being dairy free, the functional benefits of prebiotic chicory root and clinically researched plant based probiotics give your insides some love with every spoonful. Our coconut yoghurts, ice creams and frozen yoghurts all contain BB-12® plant powered probiotics, the world’s most documented and researched strain. Knowing that every scoop is benefiting your oral health, bowel movements, immune health and cholesterol levels sure does taste delish! 

3. Reliably Gluten Free

Our gluten free promise to consumers is about guaranteeing safety, reliability and fuss free alternative foods. COYO products are made in a coconut-only facility, where all of our ingredients are NATA tested for traces of gluten and other allergens. We have switched to organic raw sugar to ensure there is no cross contamination, as this is unfortunately possible with other sugars such as coconut sugar.  

Have you tried our deliciously dairy and gluten free Cookies & Cream ice cream, available at Coles and independent Australian grocers? Made with premium chocolate cookies folded through our vanilla bean ice cream base, it’s a mouth-watering replacement for those who avoid gluten. 

4. Aussie Owned & Made

Did you know that for every direct job in manufacturing, another 4 jobs are created in the local economy? ³ Being an Aussie owned & made brand means we proudly employ over 50 local staff members, supporting our community through reliable jobs, and additional jobs in distribution, retail, hospitality and more.  

 Remaining Aussie owned & made is an important value of COYO, and one we believe provides that little bit of extra love you can taste in our products. From our Sunny Coast factory all the way to your kitchen, COYO is created with and for our fellow Aussies. 

5. Better for the planet

Our coconuts are grown on organic plantations using permaculture to sustainability protect the haven and increase the biodiversity of the land. And, while we know plastic sucks, we aim to use it responsibly and minimally, constantly sourcing packaging made from recyclable materials and always striving for better practices. We make our products on our own premises to reduce our carbon footprint too. If you can find a sustainable, non-glass packaging solution, we’d love to hear from you.