Chocolate Semifreddo with Hazelnuts


A super simple and oh so delicious dairy free dessert that is bound to impress for every occasion… casual or fancy!

Keep Well Recipes from the Sunny Coast, Australia.


2 x COYO® Double Chocolate Ice Cream
1 x Chow Cacao Hazelnut Butter Chocolate Spread
1 cup chopped hazelnuts

To garnish:
1 cup chopped hazelnuts
1 x Chow Cacao Rocky Road Dark


1. On a low heat on a stovetop, place the ice-cream in a saucepan and allow to melt, stirring
2. Mix through the chopped hazelnuts and then pour into a loaf tin lined with cling wrap or baking
3. Dollop Hazelnut Spread into the ice cream mix and swirl it in using a knife or skewer.
4. Place in freezer and allow to freeze
5. To serve, gently lift the semifreddo out of the loaf tin and remove the cling wrap or paper.
6. Top with chopped hazelnuts and Rocky Road.
7. Slice into individual servings.