Common Questions


  • Is COYO dairy free?
    • Absolutely yes. Our coconut yogurt alternatives are produced in a coconut only facility right here in the United States making them 100% dairy free and vegan.  We also have the Kosher certification which guarantees dairy free.
  • Is COYO good for me?
    • Yes it is! Made with nature’s superfood, the coconut; our products are rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, and are also a great source of medium-chain fatty acids which are easily digested, absorbed and put to use nourishing the body! Our yogurt is also full of probiotics which help to restore the beneficial bacteria in the gut and aid digestion.
  • Does COYO use any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives?
    • No, we don’t use any of these types of ingredients in our yogurt or fruit.
  • Is COYO gluten free?
    • Yes our yogurt is gluten free.
  • Where can I buy COYO from?
    • To find a retailer near you, click on the “Locator” section of this website then enter your details. A list of your nearest retailers will come up. Alternatively you can call us on 505 247 0012 between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday or e-mail
  • How long will a tub of yogurt last once I’ve opened it?
    • This is going to depend on how well you treat it. It should last for 3-4 days normally, but if you use common sense and don’t expose it to high temperatures and don’t double dip, then you could get a few more days out of it.
  • Can I bake with COYO yogurt?
    • Yes, there are many wonderful ways you can bake with COYO but just remember that all those wonderful probiotics will not survive heating above 40 degrees.The advantage of baking with COYO is that it makes a fabulous dairy replacement and leaves baking beautifully moist
  • Can I freeze COYO yogurt?
    • Yes, COYO can be frozen but it will not be the same creamy texture when you thaw it. It’s still good for smoothies though.
  • Where is COYO made?
    • COYO is 100% made right here at home in the United States of America
  • I am interested in stocking/selling COYO. Who can I speak to?
    • Our office can help you with these inquiries. Contact us on 505 247 0012 between 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday or email
  • Is COYO good for a Paleo diet?
    • Yes. COYO is Paleo Certified
  • What probiotics are in a tub of COYO?
    • Bifidobacterium bifidum
      Bifidobacterium lactis
      Lactobacilus acidophilus
      Lactobacilus casei
      Lactobacilus delbrueckii subsp. bulgaricus
      Lactobacilus rhamnosus
      Streptococcus thermophilus