The One Thing You Can Do to Keep Well

24 March 18

Coverage of the current health crisis can feel relentless and just when we want to find solace in friends and family, we are being told to distance ourselves. By doing so we can help limit the spread of COVID-19 and protect the most vulnerable in our communities. This might sound like a dream come true for introverts, but it’s easy to start feeling isolated and helpless when you’re at home around the clock.

What we need to remember is that we are all capable of doing something powerful within our own homes; keeping well. Keeping yourself well, particularly strengthening your immune system, means that you can keep going in these uncertain times and fight off illness faster if it does come your way.
So how do you give your immune system a boost from the comfort of your couch? One of the most powerful tools in your belt is consuming probiotics. These microbes are the ‘good bacteria’ that are not digested in your small intestine but make their way to the large colon where they are fermented. This process ensures a balance between the good and bad bacteria in your gut and a healthy gut microbiome. The tissue in our gut (gut associated lymphiod tissue) communicate to our immune system when there are unwanted things around and contain plasma cells that help create antibodies to fight infections. For this process to keep going, a healthy gut is essential.
Some great sources of probiotics include tempeh, COYO® Yoghurt, COYO® Kefir, sauerkraut, miso, kombucha and kimchi. Simply including some of these foods can have an amazing impact;
“Your diet is the single biggest factor which can alter your gut health. You can introduce pre and probiotic foods and you can add vital nutrients which the resident bacteria in your gut want to feed on. Within just 2 days you can alter your microbiome.” – Dr Amy Carmichael, Gut Health Specialist & Functional Medical Doctor
As well as including all the good stuff, try to limit foods that feed the bad bacteria like processed foods, trans and hydrogenated fats and those high in sugar (that means portion controlling those tv snacks!) Keeping yourself well in other ways is also beneficial to your health and immunity. Do some scrolling on YouTube to find a home workout video to get your body moving or a meditation session that you could fit into your daily routine to keep your mental health well. It’s also a great time to get into the kitchen, experiment with some healthful ingredients and develop habits that will keep you well for a lifetime.