6 Easy Ways to Make Plant-Based Power Your New Healthy Habit

18 December 18

A healthy, happy, plant-based diet? It’s possible and easy. Clinical Nutritionist Sami shares with us her simple yet powerful tips for making the change, and sticking to it.

Plant-based eating – it’s here to stay

Plant-based diets have certainly been picking up mainstream steam for a few years now. In fact, it might even seem as though a move away from animal products has reached tipping point. From plant-based cafes, to stunningly curated Instagram accounts featuring gorgeous green smoothies, these examples demonstrate how Australia is fast becoming known as home to the vegan capital of the world.

But we’d argue that a plant-powered diet is more than the latest food fad. The benefits of a plant-based diet actually go beyond short-term gain, starting with the paddock. Did you know that livestock is responsible for 51% of all worldwide greenhouse gas emissions? Or that animal agriculture is responsible for up to 33% of worldwide water usage?

With these facts and more in mind, it’s easy to see that eating a plant-based diet might just be the best choice you make in the name of a more sustainable future – both for yourself, and the environment.

How to add more plants to your plate

But a move towards a healthy variety of vegetables might not come easy to those with big, growing families and busy schedules. The key is to begin incorporating more plants onto your plate for a natural and enjoyable lifestyle change.

Convenience is key to maintaining a healthy habit, and here are 6 easy ways you can guarantee your transition is a happy success.

Swap your snacks

When integrating non-animal based products into a day, it’s easy to fall into the trap of switching your cheese for chips and cake. Clinical Nutritionist Sami Bloom recommends keeping easy veggie snacks on hand to stop you reaching for a sugar hit. “Keeping sliced veg sticks handy are a quick go-to snack to enjoy, whilst upping your veggie intake. Pair with a dip such as hummus or nut butter for satiation.” Yum!

Go Green

Being creative with a bag of spinach isn’t always a luxury you have if you’re pressed for time. One of the quickest ways you can get those nutrient-dense greens into your day is by whipping up a green smoothie. Concerned with the taste?
“When you blend them, they break down and you won’t even notice, especially spinach or cos lettuce,” says Sami.

Still hungry? Fill up on fibre!

Sami says there is a range of benefits to enjoy: “There is ample evidence that increasing consumption of high-fibre foods may decrease feelings of hunger. High-fibre foods are shown to take a while to digest, controlling blood sugar, keeping you feeling fuller for longer, and having the added bonus of “cleansing” the system and feeding beneficial gut bacteria.” We’re sold.

Stock up on new pantry staples

One of the best ways to build healthier habits is to remove temptation, and then replace those items with healthier choices. By removing processed products and replacing them with plant alternatives, you’ll find your new favourite foods will seamlessly become a part of your lifestyle. Try switching out your favourite Caesar salad dressing for a jar of tahini, or your parmesan cheese with nutritional yeast. Both choices are nutrient-dense and incredibly versatile.

Trick fussy eaters with guilt-free treats

Asking the kids to give up vanilla ice cream might not be easy, particularly for families with big sweet tooths. But with our range of smooth and creamy dairy-free coconut milk nice cream, we’d argue our flavours will satisfy the most intense of sugar cravings. Not only are they organic, but they’re refined-sugar free too. Your family will get all the rich and full-bodied flavour, without the hyperactivity and sugar comedown.

Focus on the positives

When forming a new habit, it’s natural to think about all the foods you’re not eating. But when you concentrate your energy and attention of the range of benefits, you’ll feel more motivated to stay your course. From helping to prevent chronic disease, to lowering blood pressure, and soothing an irritated gut, the benefits of plant-based diets are too wide-ranging to ignore.

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