Common Questions


  • Is COYO dairy free?
    • Absolutely yes. Our coconut milk yoghurt and ice cream are produced in a coconut only facility in Kent making them 100% dairy free and vegan. We also have the Kosher certification, which guarantees dairy free.
  • Does COYO use any artificial colours, flavours or preservatives?
    • No, we don’t use any of these ingredients in our yoghurt or fruit.
  • Do you have sugar in your yoghurt?
    • Absolutely no!
  • Is COYO gluten free?
    • Yes our yoghurt and ice creams are both gluten free.
  • Where can I buy COYO from?
    • Waitrose
      Track (the free from chilled section)
      Planet organic stores
      Independent health stores across the Uk and Ireland.
  • How long will a tub of yoghurt last once I’ve opened it?
    • It should last for 3-4 days as long as it is stored correctly
  • Can I bake with COYO yoghurt?
    • Yes, Yes, there are many wonderful ways you can bake with COYO.
  • Can I freeze COYO yoghurt?
    • Yes, COYO can be frozen but it will not be the same creamy texture when you thaw it. It’s still good for smoothies though.
  • Is COYO owned and made in the UK?
    • Yes, COYO is lovingly crafted in Kent & COYO UK is owned by Nutritionist Bethany Eaton and her husband Paul.
  • I am interested in stocking/selling COYO. Who can I speak to?
    • Please contact
  • Who do I contact at COYO about PR
    • Our friend can help you with that.