Conscious creators of delicious food for healthy people and a happy planet.

Our mission

Conscious Creators

We believe in creating real food. That is food that you would make in your own kitchen for your own family. High in nutrients, made with care from 100% high quality, hand selected, pure ingredients. This means no to empty calories, fillers, preservatives, additives, refined sugars, or artificial anything! All COYO® products exist for a reason, we don’t add anything to the world that doesn’t provide a positive life-changing impact, we choose to innovate not follow. We use at least 97% pure organic coconut milk in each pot, an optimal selection of live vegan cultures chosen for outstanding cultural activity, 100% natural and certified organic ingredients, sustainably grown and ethically made. Vegan, Paleo and Ketogenic friendly. The result is our award-winning, nutrient-rich plant-based yoghurts and ice-creams that make your heart and tummy sing!

Delicious Food

We’re foodies at heart, so as much as our love for health is one of our driving passions, we know it has to taste amazing too! With COYO®, eating well doesn’t mean depriving yourself of the epicurean delights that make life a little sweeter. Our luscious dairy-free coconut yoghurt and dairy-free vegan ice creams, boast our trademark silky smooth and super dreamy creaminess, thanks to a special island technique, we call COYO Slow™.

Handcrafted in small slow cultured batches, COYO Slow™ releases the natural flavours and goodness from the squeezed flesh of our organically grown coconuts that are full of wonderful MCFAs. MCFAs are the good fats in coconut that not only increase satiety but can burn fat too!

Our ice-creams are crafted for wellness, soft curls of coconut cream infused with functional ingredients like real fruits, cacao, exotic spices and the gut nourishing power of chicory root, promoting inner and outer wellbeing with every spoonful of our dairy-free, guilt-free, refined-sugar free coconut milk ice-cream. Guaranteed to satisfy even the most decadent of cravings.

Healthy People

Sandra Gosling, co-founder and fermenting guru is our guiding light when it comes to what goes on in the gut! A naturopath and trained bacteriologist, Sandra knows gut health is integral to our overall health and well-being, connecting body and mind. So when it comes to maintaining our gut microbiome at optimal levels, nothing is more important than what we eat and drink. This is why all COYO® products contain either probiotics or prebiotics. The seven carefully sourced vegan, plant-based cultures create an abundance of gut loving probiotics in our yoghurt range, helping to introduce good bacteria to the gut. While In our ice creams, we’ve added a prebiotic, which acts as a fertiliser to help the good bacteria flourish. A few spoonfuls of COYO® a day is a delicious way to maintain a balanced, happy gut. Our team handcrafts our products in small batches in our custom-made ‘coconut only’ commercial kitchens. This ensures that no dairy, soy, honey, nuts, gluten, egg or sesame has a chance of cross contaminating our pots of allergen-friendly, pure goodness.

Happy Planet

For the past decade we have partnered with farmers and producers who believe in the same ethics as us; good for you, for the planet and the people. We believe partnering right from the beginning is the best way to ensure this ethos and honesty lives in everything we do. COYO® is proudly certified Organic because we believe in the harmless production of food. Organic certification is much more than chemicals, it means ethical production, social responsibility, no GMO’s, synthetics or pesticides, cruelty-free, reducing water, waste and supporting the environment holistically. Ensuring our products, and circle of hands they touch along the way, from plantation to plate are creating a positive food future. Our coconuts are grown on organic plantations using permaculture to sustainability protect the haven and increase the biodiversity of the land. And, while we know plastic sucks, we aim to use it responsibly and minimally, constantly sourcing packaging made from recyclable materials and always striving for better practices. We would love your help! If you can find a sustainable, non-glass packaging solution, shoot it our way! We make our products on our own premises to reduce our carbon footprint too.

Dairy Freedom

Dairy Freedom means different things to different people depending on your journey. Maybe you have personal dietary requirements, or you’re trying to eat healthier and capture the benefits of coconuts. Or perhaps you’re an environmentalist that is trying to lower your carbon footprint by choosing dairy-free products.

For us here at COYO® it encapsulates all of this, we think these are all beautiful reasons. Dairy freedom for us is a super delicious and sustainable food future from plantation to plate. It inspires us all to live into our potential for health and happiness while treating our planet with kindness and respect. We eat good food, experience life and create empowering positive change along the way. That’s Dairy Freedom! Follow us, we know the way!


We created a new food genre in Australia when we first made yoghurt from coconut milk in 2009. It was the interplay of Henry’s and Sandra’s separate stories that led to the birth of COYO, which has propelled dairy free living into the 21st century and won a string of innovation awards.

We have always been motivated by a genuine desire to make life easier (and tastier) for those with food allergies and intolerances. But we faced many challenges in bringing COYO to fruition. It took us six months of rigorous daily testing to perfect our unique recipe for a dairy free and gluten free yoghurt alternative. It wasn’t easy.

We also had to help educate people about the powerful health benefits of the coconut. Saturated fat has often been given a bad rap, but science has now shown the fat in coconuts to be good fat. It is 50% lauric acid, which has powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. It’s also high in medium-chain fatty acids, which have multiple health benefits. We use mature, fresh healthy coconuts to retain the important medium-chain fatty acid content.

Since we launched in Australia in 2010, demand for COYO has skyrocketed. COYO has gone global, but the coconut never falls far from the tree – we are still a family business at our core, operating from our headquarters near our homes in the subtropical Sunshine Coast hinterland. We are all about small scale production with complete attention to detail, and we are committed to purity, integrity and ethical food production. We hope that through COYO’s addictively delicious charms, we will inspire you to eat well, live well and be happy.