COYO coconut yoghurt and ice-cream are delicious everyday alternatives to dairy. Free from dairy and gluten, Allergen free, vegan and handcrafted in small batches of pure pleasure.


COYO tastes so good, you’ll barely believe its ingredients are not in the slightest bit naughty. We’re foodies from way back, so we get that flavour has to come first — and that goes for health food products too. With COYO, eating well no longer means depriving yourself of the epicurean delights that make life a little sweeter. Our divine dairy free coconut yoghurt alternatives, dairy free vegan ice creams and savoury coconut mezze dips have a melt-in-the-mouth creaminess unlike anything else.


We are allergen free No dairy, no soy, no honey, no nuts, no gluten, no egg, no sesame. Our team handcrafts our products in small batches in our custom-made ‘coconut only’ commercial kitchens. That means zero possibility of cross-contamination from dairy or wheat products.

We are clean Nothing artificial, no colourings, no preservatives, no added sugar, paleo, vegan and certified KA kosher (the highest kosher certification available). We have mastered traditional fermenting and preserving techniques to maintain the purity of our products. Our coconuts are harvested by hand on islands free of mechanical machinery and industrial pollutants. We support local farmers and their families in the use of sustainable farming practices.

We are simple We use consciously sourced, minimal ingredients of premium quality. We don’t use any unnecessary ingredients or fillers. Every carefully selected ingredient has an important function. We use minimal packaging made from 100% recyclable materials, and as we make our products on our own premises, we have a minimal carbon footprint.

We are gut health All our products contain either probiotics or prebiotics. We have sourced six vegan plant-based probiotics and active live cultures for their outstanding vibrancy and vitality. The gut is the seat of all health. Probiotics introduce good bacteria to the gut, while prebiotics are a fertiliser for the good bacteria to help them flourish.

We are delicious Fresh coconut milk and cream are infused with real fruit, cacao and exotic spices to create our mouthwatering bespoke blends. Our dairy free yoghurt alternatives and vegan ice creams have a silky-smooth consistency and a rich, full-bodied flavour with a touch of tropical tang.


We created a new food genre in Australia when we first made yoghurt from coconut milk in 2009. It was the interplay of Henry’s and Sandra’s separate stories that led to the birth of COYO, which has propelled dairy free living into the 21st century and won a string of innovation awards.

We have always been motivated by a genuine desire to make life easier (and tastier) for those with food allergies and intolerances. But we faced many challenges in bringing COYO to fruition. It took us six months of rigorous daily testing to perfect our unique recipe for a dairy free and gluten free yoghurt alternative. It wasn’t easy.

We also had to help educate people about the powerful health benefits of the coconut. Saturated fat has often been given a bad rap, but science has now shown the fat in coconuts to be good fat. It is 50% lauric acid, which has powerful anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. It’s also high in medium-chain fatty acids, which have multiple health benefits. We use mature, fresh healthy coconuts to retain the important medium-chain fatty acid content.

Since we launched in Australia in 2010, demand for COYO has skyrocketed. COYO has gone global, but the coconut never falls far from the tree – we are still a family business at our core, operating from our headquarters near our homes in the subtropical Sunshine Coast hinterland. We are all about small scale production with complete attention to detail, and we are committed to purity, integrity and ethical food production. We hope that through COYO’s addictively delicious charms, we will inspire you to eat well, live well and be happy.