How COYO Coconut Milk Kefir can boost health and happiness with every sip!

7 March 19

The benefits of kefir have been enjoyed for thousands of years….and now you can enjoy the benefits of this delicious drink through our new organic, dairy free kefir!

Our Organic Coconut Milk Kefir is produced using traditional fermenting methods at our artisan factory in the UK. By combining 14 different live vegan cultures and leaving to ferment for twelve hours we create a range of deliciously dairy free, creamy and tangy drinks brimming with billions of active cultures that boost gut health. But why should we all be drinking kefir, how can it benefit our health?

Our gut and brain actually communicate daily through nerve signals, this is why our gut is often referred to as our ‘second brain’ and explains why we feel our emotions in our stomach.

Think nervous, excited, stressed and anxious, you know the sensation of feeling a knot in your stomach or butterflies? These emotions can sometimes lead to imbalances in the gut, which seriously affect mood, immune system, skin, weight to name a few.

So how can we balance our gut flora? That’s where we come in, by FEEDING and NOURISHING our microbiome with fermented or cultured foods that help promote the growth of our friendly bacteria that boost overall health. With every sip our kefir drinks contain billions of live vegan cultures that nourish you from the inside out.

Available in Natural and Strawberry from Whole Foods, Planet Organic and online from Ocado.