The Benefits of Certified Organic For Your Gut Health

18 December 18

“The politicians are not the solution. You and I are the solution as consumers.”


Vote with your wallet and be part of the movement!

Each day we have the opportunity to vote about the society we wish to live in. We have the opportunity to decide, all by voting with our wallets. By choosing to purchase a product because it is better for our health and the environment. We have seen an increase in the use of pesticides and a move away from organic farming and traditional methods(2), but there is a movement that is changing this and we are excited to be a part of it!

We create real food

At COYO® we believe in creating real food. That is food that you would make in your own kitchen for your own family. High in nutrients, made with care from 100% high quality, hand selected, pure ingredients. We had a dream to create a range of amazing, delicious and nutrient rich coconut products that were 100% certified organic, and we worked hard to make this dream a reality.

What certified organic means to us

To us, certified organic food is more than just food without pesticides – which is obviously incredibly important – it’s also about the health benefits that go along with eating certified organic products. Not only do we have a passion of creating authentic, simple and functional food, we also have a strong focus on gut health. As well as creating certified organic products, gut health was another key pillar from the start of the COYO® journey and this is all thanks to our co-founder, Sandra Gosling. Sandra has an incredibly in-depth knowledge and understanding of gut health and how it’s integral to our overall health and well-being, connecting body and mind. Which is why all COYO® products go through a fermentation process, and also include a probiotic and prebiotic. We believe in functional food and knew COYO® had to be more than just another brand, we had to be a brand that helped change the world.

Organic & Gut Health – Two key pillars of the COYO Brand

You might have already known the importance of eating organic food and you might have already heard about the importance of gut health, but did you know these two key pillars of the COYO® brand, actually work hand-in-hand to support each other?

When we don’t look after our gut health and we choose to eat highly processed foods, filled with toxins and chemicals – including non-organic fruit and vegetables – our bodies are under incredible pressure to maintain normal function. More and more research is being conducted on what impacts our gut health has on our overall wellbeing and it makes sense that this research is revealing what we put into our body plays a massive role in the health of our gut microbiota. Eating too much processed foods, foods high in sugars, alcohol, foods contaminated with pesticides and even antibiotics plays a large role in putting our gut bacteria out of balance and can lead to chronic diseases, inflammation, depleted immune function and even mental health diseases(1).

The impact of pesticides on our gut bacteria

Dr Mark Donohoe, a Sydney GP highlighted the impact pesticides are having on our gut bacteria. Although there is research out there saying the pesticides on our food are not harmful to humans, it doesn’t mean they’re not harmful to the cells and bacteria within us.

“Scientists have always said eating organic food is senseless and makes no difference as pesticides don’t harm humans, however, the pesticides kill certain species of gut bacteria, not us. A lot of what doctors see in their surgeries is just a consequence of altered bacteria playing up.” – Dr Mark Donohoe

Certified organic – for healthy people and a happy planet

Making the choice to certify all COYO® products through the Australian Certified Organic organisation was no coincidence. We understood the importance of gut health and the role certified organic products play in the balance of healthy gut microbiota. As a company, we choose to vote for a sustainable future that focuses on wholesome foods that are good for our insides, which is why our products are created using at least 97% pure organic coconut milk in each pot, an optimal selection of live vegan cultures chosen for outstanding cultural activity, 100% natural and certified organic ingredients, sustainably grown and ethically made.

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