Whipped Ice Cream Oat Mocha Latte

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Ice cream in the a.m. is a go. Just like drinking your morning vegan iced latte, but simply add a scoop of our heavenly delicious but equally functional Vanilla Bean Ice Cream to kick it up (and cool it down) a notch with benefits beyond the caffeine buzz. You’ll now “take your coffee with a daily dose of probiotics, please”.

Keep Well Recipes from the Sunny Coast, Australia.


200ml oat milk
1 shot of espresso
2 tspn of cocoa powder
2 tspn maple syrup
2 waffle cones
COYO® Vanilla Bean Ice Cream


Whip ingredients
2 tbspn of granulated coffee
2 tbspn of granulated sugar
2 tbspn of warm water
1 tspn of cocoa powder



1. To make the mocha whip, in a bowl, place the coffee, sugar, water and cocoa, then with a whisk beat the mixture for approximately 8-10 minutes until well combined and it forms a dense mousse like consistency. Set aside.
2. To make the iced mocha. Take a shot of hot espresso and mix in 1 tspn of cocoa powder.
3. Rim your glass with desiccated coconut and fill with ice cubes 3/4 full
4. Top a cone with a generous scoop of COYO Vanilla Bean Ice Cream and place top down into the glass resting on the ice.
5. Cover the ice with oat milk, pour over the mocha shot and top with spoonfuls of mocha whip.