The Plant Based Replacement for (almost) Everything!

2 March 20

Whether you’re trying out #veganuary this year or just wanting to include more plant based meals in your diet, there are a few secret ingredients that will make your life easier and your stomach happier. May we present the vegan replacement for (almost) everything… COYO Natural Yoghurt!

Secret Ingredients

All of our probiotic coconut milk yoghurt is handcrafted from the squeezed flesh of organic coconuts. We then add our own unique blend of 6 vegan cultures that have been clinically researched to support gut health. The result is a yoghurt so silky smooth and super dreamy it has cultivated a community of COYO addicts from vegans to health nuts and even dedicated dairy lovers.

How to eat COYO

COYO Natural Yoghurt is refined sugar free and has a slight tang similar to Greek yoghurt so it can be used in both sweet and savoury dishes. We have taken the liberty of listing a few COYO creations inspired by our happy customers:

In oatmeal for added creaminess
As a salad dressing
With muesli
As a cream replacement on desserts
Whipped for a healthy cake frosting
In soups and curries
On toast with peanut butter and dates
In smoothies
In pasta for a creamy sauce
In frappuccinos
Frozen in popsicle moulds
In chia puddings
In baking
As a dip for veggies/crackers
On it’s own with your favourite spoon

Benefits of a Plant Based Diet

It’s a no brainer that fresh fruits and vegetables are good for you but really focusing your diet around plants can have some great health benefits. Dr Amy Carmichael, gut health expert and nutritional medical doctor, explains that we need to remove foods which negatively impact our gut;

“Additives such as sugar and even artificial sweeteners…avoid gluten containing grains as they contain gliadin which contributes to a leaky gut. Limit foods that contain antibiotics - meat and dairy."

You can then build up your microbiome with gut-friendly foods;

“Your diet is the single biggest factor which can alter your gut health. You can introduce pre and probiotic foods and you can add vital nutrients which the resident bacteria in your gut want to feed on. Increase the intake of phytonutrients through green tea, vegetables, fruit and dried spices, as they can reduce the Inflammatory burden. Aim to consume 5-10 servings of fruit and vegetables a day.”

For more plant based recipe ideas download the COYO Keep Well Gut Guide.