3 ways organic products contribute to a healthier planet

8 March 23

Supporting an organic business means you’re having a positive impact on people and planet. We do a little dance every time you choose organic, and the environment does too!

Most consumers know about the amazing health benefits of consuming organic foods, but did you know just how much of an impact choosing organic can have on our planet? Let’s break down the top three benefits Mother Nature receives when you choose to purchase organic:

Sustainable & Ethical Farming Practices  

At COYO®, we believe in the harmless production of food to support the health and well-being of the environment, ourselves and our communities. Being Australian Certified Organic (ACO) means promoting sustainable and ethical farming practices which prioritise soil health, water quality, and nutrients in your food. ¹ 

This means, you can rest assured that the ingredients in our tubs of coconut yoghurts and coconut ice creams are of the highest quality and dense with micro and macronutrient goodies that make your food work harder to keep you healthy. 

Zero Pesticides & Fertilisers Used 

Our processes support the environment through prohibiting the use of synthetic pesticides, fertilisers, GMO’s and growth regulators. One of the biggest benefits in our process is the elimination of harmful synthetic chemicals, which can seep into the soil and water. This causes damage to the surrounding environment, as well as the wildlife and humans who rely on it. 

The use of harmful pesticides on our food and fresh produce is not uncommon. In a 2021 Australian survey, the Federal Agriculture Department found that over 7% of Australian pears had more pesticide residue than the legal limit. In contrast, organic farming methods prioritise the use of natural, sustainable practices that help to promote soil health, water quality, and biodiversity. ²  

Synthetic pesticides and chemicals used during farming practises can also make their way into our tummies, which is devastating for our health. To illustrate the impact, a 2014 Melbourne study found that switching to an organic diet for just one week could reduce pesticide residues in our bodies by almost 90%! ³  

Being certified organic means committing to high industry standards that we feel obliged to do, so as to create a positive food future through our products and the circle of hands they touch along the way, from plantation to plate. 

Nourishing Biodiversity & Ecosystems 

Another reason we love being organic is our contribution to biodiversity and flourishing ecosystems. Our partners work with us to maintain the natural areas of our farms and plantations, to create suitable habitats for wildlife.   

Take our coconut suppliers, for example. COYO® coconuts are grown on organic plantations using permaculture to sustainably protect the haven and increase the biodiversity of the land. No monkeys are, or will ever be, used in our plantation production lines (as one would expect!), although this devastatingly occurs in some parts of the world.

So, next time you’re at the grocery store, consider choosing certified organic products and join us in contributing to a more sustainable food future. Read more about how we nurture people and planet: Why COYO?