Organic on a Budget

18 December 18

We understand that buying certified organic can sometimes be expensive, so we wanted to share with your our tips and tricks for getting the most organic-bang for your buck!

We get it, certified organic can be expensive!

We all know the science behind eating certified organic but a lot of us still choose to purchase non-organic products due to price. We have been listening to the feedback of our amazing COYO® community, and wanted to share our tips to help you buy certified organic on a budget.

We know organic and certified organic foods can be more expensive, but there is a really good reason for this. Organic farmers have a higher larbour cost and a different economy of scale. It’s important to remember, that when you are paying for organic produce, you’re are paying the real cost of producing real, quality food that is not only good for your insides, it’s also great for the environment, animal welfare and most importantly our overall health and wellbeing.

At COYO® we made the move to go completely certified organic for a number of reasons. We believe in a sustainable future, where our kids can enjoy the same beautiful environment that we did growing up. We also believe the products should be functional, free from nasties and highlight real, wholefoods that are good for our insides. To help everyone make the move towards buying certified organic, we wanted to put together a little article, highlighting how you can buy organic on a budget!

Grow Your Own

One of the most economical ways to enjoy organic foods is by growing your own. Spend a weekend planting your own garden, do some research on how best to look after what you are growing and enjoy the experience of understanding a small piece of the process of what an organic farmer does from farm to plate.

Buy In Season

We have moved a long way away from the traditional means of only eating the fruits, vegetables and herbs that are in season. Now a days, we can eat pretty much everything all year around. When fruits and vegetables are in season, there is usually a lot of it and it is therefore cheaper. Eating in season also encourages you to change up your diet, eating different types of foods which can have a great impact on your overall health.

Buy From Farmers Markets

If you go to a farmers market, you are going straight to the producer and that means the middle person is cut out and produce is normally cheaper, fresher and tastier – less travel time is always a good thing. When purchasing organic food, always remember to keep an eye out for a certified organic symbol, like the ACO bud found on our COYO® packaging.

Look for Specials

The more people who purchase organic, the more affordable it will get. This is because when more people purchase a specific product supermarkets realise there is a higher demand for it and increase the supply, in turn keeping prices low.

Buy in bulk

You don’t have to go organic alone. In fact, buying in bulk is another great way to keep prices low. Get your family and friends together and purchase products in bulk from smaller stores and split the cost.

Avoid Waste

When you go grocery shopping be mindful of how much food you actually need. The less you waste, the more you save!

These are just some simple tips of how you can go certified organic on a budget, but there are so many more. We live in an exciting world, where we have the freedom to vote with our wallets and make a decision of supporting a sustainable future. We love being part of the certified organic community and are so grateful that all COYO® products bear the Australian Certified Organic bud. We believe it’s about making a change where ever we can, it might seem small but the ripple effects can far outreach the simple action of one person or one brand.

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