Meet Kefir!

18 June 20

We know you have some questions about the new kid on the block so we sat down with this delicious mystery to get your questions answered!

Your fame has been a long time coming and there are a few rumours out there about how you got here. Can you clear this up for us?

Ha ha, I love to read all of the speculation about where I got my start. I’ve heard all of them including the tale that Mohammed gave me to the Orthodox people, and they kept me secret for centuries afterwards in case I lost my potency! I will say this, I was born in the Caucasus Mountains in Eastern Europe and I have been perfecting my art of improving people’s health ever since.

It seems like you are leading the way for fermented foods, why do you think it’s important that people are consuming these?

I have seen first-hand how fermented foods can improve people’s quality of life. For a long time we lived in the margins of the pantry but I am so happy to see that we are being recognised for what we bring to the table. The probiotics in fermented foods optimise your microbiome which leads to all sorts of health benefits including improved digestion, immunity and generally feeling good.

What’s the weirdest claim anyone has made about you?

There has been a lot of talk about all of the health benefits that I offer and most are bang on. My probiotic count is through the roof and this means I can offer a host of benefits. Scientific studies have shown that my live cultures can help balance out the good bacteria in your gut and a healthy microbiome means good digestion and an improved immune system. I even contain Tryptophan which increases Serotonin, your happiness hormone. The only one I think is a bit of a stretch is that I enable people to live hundreds of years! I would love to but that’s not on the cards just now.

If we asked the people that know you best to describe you what would they say?

I think it would depend on who you ask. My colleagues would definitely say that I am tart and have a kick to me. My family would say that I am very creamy. At my best I am velvety and have a bite that stays with you. I try to stay at a drinking yoghurt consistency whoever I’m with.

You and COYO have been working together for a few months behind the scenes now. What can you say about the end product and why is it different to products you have worked on before?

COYO reached out a few months back with this concept of a dairy-free, organic, probiotic Kefir. I was intrigued because I knew that it would be the first one in Australia. I think that the approach the company have taken is so inspiring; they use an organic coconut milk base and feed it with vegan prebiotics to produce outstanding microorganism vitality. Working with an established culture house we tried various combinations of cultures to provide a fresh and distinctive modern Kefir. We used a special yeast to add effervescence and authenticity. After selection we ran numerous trials to ensure probiotic numbers were adequate and the count would remains strong till the end of shelf life. This considered approach is what COYO is all about and I am proud to be a part of that.

What is one thing people don’t know about you?

I think a lot of emphasis is placed on my probiotic count which is a big part of who I am but I am also rich in fungi. Fungi has been shown in studies to be an integral part of maintaining intestinal homeostasis and systemic immunity. There is still a lot of research to be done into fungi so I’m excited to see what my full potential is.

There are a few recipes out there that utilise you but can you tell us how you would like to be treated?

I am up for most things to be honest. A lot of people just use me as a milk substitute with muesli or drink me straight. I think I go great in a smoothie and I love swimming in a mocktail on the weekends. It’s my goal to empower people to feel comfortable including me in their diets in whatever way they can.

Thanks for your time Kefir and we hope to see you in the chilled foods aisle soon!


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