How do you use Kefir?

17 June 20

With 15 billion live and active plant powered probiotics per serve, COYO Kefir is the easy and tasty way to get your gut health boost. The best thing is that our coconut milk Kefir is so delicious that incorporating it into your everyday routine is easy as probiotic pie.

Replace it

Kefir is also known as ‘miracle milk’ and for good reason. It is one of the richest and most complete sources of beneficial microbes for the gut and a healthy microbiome has been shown in scientific studies to aid immunity, digestion and mood. We like to think of it as the next generation of milk. Simply switch out your current milk choice for COYO Natural Kefir and enjoy over your morning muesli.

Blend it

If you love a smoothie bowl as much as we do then Kefir offers the perfect probiotic addition. Add a good splash of COYO Strawberry Kefir into your blender along with your usual berries, bananas and other goodies and blend until you reach smooth perfection.

Drink it

COYO Kefir has been described as “easy to drink” and that is exactly what we were aiming for. If you don’t have the time for Instagram-worthy smoothie bowls then simply pour yourself a glass of our Vanilla Kefir and enjoy its silkiness at your own pace. Sometimes the simplest idea is the best and as Australia’s first dairy free Kefir, it deserves a glass to itself!
Remember to hashtag us in your Kefir creations! #coyo