COYObiotics – Plant Powered Probiotics

22 May 19

now more than ever, a few spoonfuls of COYO a day is a delicious way to maintain a balanced, happy gut.

Why did we create COYObiotics?

Our Co-founder Sandra Gosling (former bacteriologist and naturopath) has always been deeply aware of the importance of maintaining our gut microbiota. Her passion for gut health set COYO on a path to further raise the bar on our multi award winning dairy free yoghurt range. COYO, now with COYObiotics, contains the right type and quantity of probiotics to promote good gut health.

So what are COYObiotics?

COYObiotics are an exclusive set of bioactive plant powered probiotics & live vegan cultures, producing billions of active beneficial bacteria.

Unlike other probiotics that have been raised on dairy, COYObiotics® were uniquley developed over a 2 year period and contain 6 plant based culture strains specially formulated to thrive on coconut milk. Several of our strains (specifically Bifidobacterium lactis & Lactobacillus acidophilus) have been backed by clinical research to prevent the growth of harmful bacteria, maintain a balanced gut microbiota and promote regulation and enhancement of the immune system. 

Why are COYObiotics important? An expert’s view

When talking about gut heath and how to keep our good bacteria in balance, we need to first talk about things that also negatively impact our gut.

We asked COYO wellness ambassador and nutritional medical Doctor Amy Carmichael what she sees typically affecting her clients gut health.

"Negative impacts on our gut heath are:
1. Definitely that we are having high sugar food
2. We are having high processed foods, additives and preservatives.
3. We have still been high consumers of animal and dairy products."

"Dairy plays quite a significant role on the gut" continues Dr Amy. "We actually know that it may cause a low grade inflammation, and we know that it’s also linked to specific disease, so for example asthma, auto immune diseases and certain gut disorders".

With COYObiotics having been meticulously crafted to thrive on a plant milk base, 100% vegan friendly and gluten free, our gut beneficial probiotic blend has been perfectly formulated to work with our range of plant based coconut milk yoghurts.

As a gut health specialist, integrative Doctor and published author Dr. Amy Carmichael sees a strong link between the what state our gut health is in and disease formation.

“I have seen probiotics help relieve abdominal discomfort, normalise bowel habits and even improve mood”

“All disease begins in the gut and the gut microbiome is its own ecosystem. Probiotics are a catalyst to gut restoration and maintenance. Finding a natural source to get them is imperative as probiotics are short lived in the gut. I have seen probiotics help relieve abdominal discomfort, normalize bowel habits and even improve mood. They can be used in all ages from children to the elderly and COYO® has produced something that provides them in a natural formulation”