5 Tips on How to Lower Your Food Waste

30 January 20

If scraping dinner plates and children’s lunchboxes into the bin is a daily ritual in your house then you are not alone. The Australian government estimates that 1 in 5 bags of groceries end up in landfill. It’s a waste of food, time and money and we reckon we can do better.

1. Get organised

The first step to reducing your leftovers is to make sure you aren’t buying too much to begin with. Make a rough plan of the meals and snacks you want for the week before doing your food shop and just buy the ingredients you need for these. (Farmer’s markets allow you to buy only the fruit and veg you need instead of large bags which is a great saving too!)

2. Love your leftovers

Fall in love with your Tupperware again and make sure it’s in easy reach for those pesky leftovers. Making single serve portions with the leftovers is a great lunch option or you can always put them in the freezer for those days when cooking is too much of a chore.

3. Compost like a boss

It’s an obvious tip but composting any food waste you do have is a great way to keep it out of landfill and it doubles as free fertiliser. If you don’t have a garden you can still compost and drop your waste at an organic collection site. Check out this guide to composting that takes you through the process step by step.

4. Pickle and enjoy

For the lucky few who have gardens full of produce or the enthusiastic many who bought too much veg at the market, pickling is a great way to use up produce and boost your gut health. COYO cofounder, Sandra, has a great recipe for Fermented Green Tomato Pickle which is teeming with gut loving bacteria and makes use of the green tomatoes in her garden before the birds eat them.

5. Easy freezing

If your bananas went from ripe and delicious to brown and mushy while you answered the door then don’t despair. Cut up your forgotten fruit and store in the freezer for ready made smoothies. Don’t forget to utilise your ice cube trays by freezing leftover stocks and you can even store baggies of leftover wine for stews!