5 Dairy Free Kids Lunchbox Ideas

24 January 20

As back-to-school time approaches some of us are frantically scrolling to find some kid-friendly, school/kindy approved, healthy lunch box ideas that don’t require formal culinary training. This can be even more stress-inducing if your child has an allergy or intolerance. To lighten the mental load, we have come up with 5 simple lunchbox ideas to keep your little ones satisfied until home time.

1. Veggies with COYO Natural Yoghurt Dip

We know we won’t be winning any prizes for originality but hear us out. If your lovingly sliced cucumbers and capsicums are getting thrown in the bin each evening then an enticing dipping sauce might be the solution. Try mixing COYO Natural Yoghurt with some natural flavourings like lemon juice, mint and dill for a tangy dressing that is as addictive as it is nourishing (you can also use this ‘dip’ as a sauce over some pasta).

2. Blueberry and COYO Coconut Yoghurt Muffins

If your little ones have a sweet tooth but you’re struggling to find a sweet treat that won’t send them into hyperdrive then this is the recipe for you. Sweetened with maple syrup and bursting with Vitamin C giving blueberries, they are perfect for your lunch box too. Make a batch on Sunday evening and enjoy a healthy start to the week. Find our recipe here.

3. COYO Probiotic Kids Pouches

Sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day or patience in the tank to create beautiful, dairy-free creations for your children to nibble on un-enthusiastically. On these days a great ready-made dairy-free solution are our kids pouches. With all of the satiating goodness of coconut milk and full of probiotics to strengthen the immune system, these beauties are the perfect size for little hands and come in Blueberry, Banana & Mango, Vanilla and Strawberry.

4. Chia Pudding with COYO Vanilla Yoghurt

Before you spill your tea, yes kids can have chia seeds and you can actually blend them so they create a smoother pudding consistency. Mix one of our 125g yoghurts with 2 tbs of chia seeds, a banana and as much milk as is needed to create a smooth consistency. Put in the fridge overnight and reap the rewards of a banana flavoured pudding in the morning. Chia seeds are high in plant base fibre, antioxidants and omega 3’s, so if you’re little ones are currently turning their noses up at oily fish, chia seeds make a great addition to the lunchbox.

5. Sweet Potato and Almond Waffles with COYO Kefir Berry Compote

These waffles are not relatives of their sugar-laden cousins that linger in the freezer aisle and they even manage to sneak in some veggies! You can find our recipe in the COYO Keep Well Gut Guide. We recommend making mini versions and having the berry compote in a separate container for little hands to dip into. Crunchy, filling and full of prebiotics & probiotics to boost immunity and they won’t be getting swapped in the playground.
In case you were wondering, all COYO products are dairy and allergen free, have no refined sugar and contain prebiotics and/or probiotics for gut health so you can be sure that they are safe, delicious, nourishing for your family and tick all the school food policy boxes.